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#30dayswild 30

It seemed appropriate to finish my 30DaysWild back where I started, at Brandon Marsh. However, this time I crossed the road into Brandon Wood, for a 5km walk around the perimeter paths before heading to Badgers’ Tea Room for lunch. I then completed half of the walk I did previously, this time in the other direction (only half because it was too hot).

I enjoyed looking at the butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies as I went on my way, only sad to have not spotted a heron today.


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#30dayswild 28, 29

The caterpillars have finally turned into butterflies. At some point this afternoon, another one emerged from its’ chrysalis, but it waited until we were not looking!

As the whole school has got their own caterpillars at various stages of development, I did a sensory assembly today, based on ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. While I read the story students experienced the range of fruit and cake that the caterpillar eats in the story, before being cocooned in a blanket to experience emerging as a butterfly!

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#30dayswild 27


I love the lilies in my pond, it’s been great checking them every hour since I’ve been home and watching them close up for the night.

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#30dayswild 26

My wildflower garden is once again looking spectacular and inviting all the insects and butterflies to come for some flowers!20180630_144910

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#30dayswild 25

Today, the caterpillars that we have at school have turned into chrysalises and we had to move them out of the pot and into the net. It was really funny watching them jiggle as we moved them. I don’t think they were too impressed!

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