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#OnFire – Miner Barron

Alex Miner Barron joined the Blaze this month to bolster the D, on the recommendation of his good friend Ben Arnt, who he played with while at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. I caught up with him after his first home game, to see why he had made the decision to come to Coventry.


Why did you start playing hockey? Alex explained, “I’m from California, I was born in 1991, the year that Wayne Gretzky came to California so there was a big wave of hockey in the LA area. My older brother, myself, my friends were all drawn to it; we played roller hockey outside in the streets and I switched to ice hockey at 14 years old.  We have three NHL teams in California, there’s probably about ten rinks in a 40-mile radius so there are a lot of organisations and hockey is really big in California now.”


What were you studying at University? “I was at university for four years, I have pretty wild background in that I have certification in nutrition, strength and conditioning and a degree in marketing, as well as a lot of on line courses and external learning to enhance the coaching work that I do.”


Last season you were playing for Strasbourg in France, how was that? “That was good, the culture was a little different, they weren’t as friendly as here! It was a challenging league, but coming here has been a huge upgrade in terms of facilities and staff go, I couldn’t be happier. France was a lot of fun, we had a lot of success last year.”


Was it your decision to move on from Strasbourg at the end of last season? “Oh yes,” he explained. “I chose to retire at the end of last season. I’ve built a business coaching young athletes on and off the ice from a mindset perspective. That’s something I’m slowly trying to incorporate here at the Blaze as well! It’s able to continue without me being there. I mentor a lot of athletes, youngsters as well as pro athletes who I coach and mentor. Being able to be a player again as well as a coach is giving me a new perspective in that field of work, so I’m really enjoying stepping back into the skates again. This opportunity helps me grow as a coach and it helps me give back to the game in a unique way.”


Why have now you chosen to come and play in Coventry? He replied “I wanted to come and play hockey again, for me that was a no brainer. I missed the game a lot, having retired at the end of last season to focus on my business. I talked to friends, and my friend Ben Arnt highly recommended Coventry, my brother, Loren, played in the Elite League with Edinburgh Capitals three years ago, likewise he had nothing but good things to say about this place. I looked at a picture of the rink and watched a couple of videos of the team and my decision was made. It was a bit of everything, you know, the rink, the facility, what I heard about the coach. I think I’ve made the right decision!”


I know it’s still early days, but do you feel that you’ve fitted in ok? He nods. “I’d like to think it feels like home already! This is a beautiful town, it’s got a lot of culture to it. I’ve been to see the cathedral, it’s beautiful, the whole area round there is lovely. I’m enjoying being in the UK, it’s such a beautiful place with so much history.”


And what do you feel you will be able to bring to the team? Having taken a tumble on ice tonight, Alex laughs. “Once my legs start working again I hope to bring a lot of speed, a lot of clean passes and just be consistent. I’m a guy who is really eager to win. I’ve lost a lot of championships in my career, I really want to win. Each game I’ll put my heart and soul for the team, that’s one thing you should expect.”




Finally, why have you chosen to wear #2? “I’ve always played #8, it was just the number I was given in any sport I played. I’ve stuck with it my entire career. last year, in France, it was taken so I dropped down to #4, which is my brothers number. Both of those are taken here, so I’ve gone for #2, it’s one of my best friends’ numbers -Mike Dalhuisen, he plays in the Russian second league. I thought it was a fitting number as he’s someone I look up to and it is a factor of 8!”



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