AQA Entry Level – Biology 2

Scheme of work and accompanying worksheets for AQA Entry Level unit 4 – Chemistry in our World. Designed to be taught in 3x45min lessons a week, and to take a term. Assumes you have access to expected lab equpiment

Based on Exploring Science textbooks. Not all worksheets are my own, a majority have been found on TES and remodelled slightly to suit the needs of our students.

Biology Environment evolution and inheritance

1 SAPS – Bubbling Cabomba pondweed – student sheet

1a SAPS – Bubbling Cabomba pondweed – technical notes

2 Animal adaptations

3 plant adaptations

4 creature design

5 pyramid of biomass

6 Food webs

7 Decay

8 Competition between plants

9 How fossils are formed

10 Factsheet – Fossils

11 Darwin-Storybook

12 sticky dogs

13 peppered moth

14 Peppered moth Qs and As

15 Gm_organisms

Environment, evolution and inheritance

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