AQA Entry Level – Physics 6

Scheme of work and accompanying worksheets for AQA Entry Level unit 6 – Electricity, Magnetism and Waves. Designed to be taught in 3x45min lessons a week, and to take a term.

Based on Exploring Science textbooks. Not all worksheets are my own, a majority have been found on TES and remodelled slightly to suit the needs of our students.

Physics Electricity magnetism and waves

1 measuring current

2 measuring voltage

3 Alternating Current and Direct Current

4 how a powerstation works

5 the plug

6 How fuses work

7 calculating bills

7a bill

8 calculating cost of electricity

9 magnets

10 magnetic field lines

11 strength of electromagnet

12 uses of electromagnets

13 reflection refraction

15 wave equation

16 Electromagnetic Spectrum

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