AQA Entry level – Chemistry 4

Scheme of work and accompanying worksheets for AQA Entry Level unit 4 – Chemistry in our World. Designed to be taught in 3x45min lessons a week, and to take a term. Assumes you have access to expected lab equpiment

Based on Exploring Science textbooks. Not all worksheets are my own, a majority have been found on TES and remodelled slightly to suit the needs of our students. (and I’ve just spotted two worksheet 19s. damn)

Chemistry – chemistry in our worldChemistry in our world

1 Make your own indicator


3 comparing reactivity

4 Acid with metals

5 making salts

6 acid + allkali

7 Reactions of Carbonates Practical Sheet

8 Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions

9 combustion

10 concentration

11 temperature

12 surface area

13 catalysts

14 atmosphere

15 Fractional Distillation

16 Fractional Distilliation Cut and Stick

17 global warming cartoons

18 Greenhouse Cloze

19 filtration

19 Modeling the Greenhouse Effect

20 Distillation


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