#aseconf Science with picture books


Recommend journal of emergent science (on ase website)

Looking at science in children’s story books. Focusing on science inaccuracies (many teachers will use these stories unaware of these)  and focusing on why did that happen in a story line.

Why should we use fictional picture books to explore science at primary school ? Metaphorical language. Children blur imagination and reality.

? Link between teaching literature (interpret, debate) and improvement of understanding of science.

  • Pictures need to be prominent
  • Dialogue and conflict
  • Consistent simple  plot with proper logic
  • Narrative problem linked to scientific problem

Use e.g. section of book to prompt discussion, raise misconceptions . Will link to what pupils already know

Children find it hard to put themselves in something/ someone else’s place to draw from their perspective

e.g. fish is fish . Tadpoles promise.  Very hungry caterpillar. Seven blind mice.  On the seesaw bridge

Can compare first and last double pages of each book


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