#aseconf ks4 for lower attainers


Context – research shows barriers to learning e.g. poor literacy skills.  Additional resources needed by teachers to support

Edexcel offering 2 entry level qualifications.  Sits below foundation tier. Lots of resources available on line. Gives opportunity to gain qualification to support route to gcse.co teach with gcse course.

Entry level.  Six papers, do as many times as you like.  At any time. Each unit matched to gcse units.  Foundation tier gcse rebranded as a three year scheme of work.

Key ideas for students to understand, can then build on this understanding for gcse content.

Need to consider how to develop skills in working scientifically.  Get the balance between high expectations and appropriate challenge.  Also be aware literacy may not be a strength,  encourage taking rather than writing to help students develop key ideas. Practice scaffolding and redrafting . Focus on shorter answers on gcse paper,  don’t worry about 6 mark answers – they are aimed at more able students.

Use the course to build confidence for students.  Use of short tests to motivate.

All exam board produced materials can be edited in word.  Helpful as at the moment they are very small and wordy.
Entry level papers written to develop confidence with language of questions.  Provide examples of ‘good’ longer answers.

No practical component that is assessed at entry level.  Core practical in gcse, skills need teaching in entry level to support progress to combined science.


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