#ASEConf Exhibition 

A busy afternoon at the conference exhibition in Reading, collecting freebies and doing some networking.

As ever,  I’m looking at the stands as a teacher of  students with SEND, and what might be useful on a limited budget with very little storage space.

Cracking stash from ypo, who took the news that their sand timers needed to be a little more robust due to the way they are used in Special schools rather well.

Fab resources as ever from practical action.

Cleapss have some great things for primary (and mugs and cuddly rabbits if you so wish)

The royal society have seeds and,  more excitingly, really simple microscopes that use your mobile phone… how easy to enlarge and point out features.  Love it.

Cgp are giving all this away for free. Need I say more? Their ks1 discover and learn books look particularly interesting.

Collins are also giving away books. I like  the look of their big cat reading scheme,  but they’ve only got the harder books on display.

Other people I visited include

I hope that is of use.  Apologies for quality of photos, I blame the yellow light in the hotel room.


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