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Jim Jorgensen #OnFire

Jim Jorgensen returns for his third season with the Blaze, and is very excited that he has been able to bring his dog with him this time!

Having been back in the country for a week Jim seems to have combatted the jetlag. “It didn’t take me long to get back into the routine and it’s nice to settle in.”

Staying with a known team or trying somewhere new is always a difficult decision for a player and their family to have to make, so what was the draw to re-signing for a further two seasons? “I’ve never felt more comfortable for a team ever,” said Jim, “so it was a really easy decision to make. My wife, Alekz, likes it here because she can work here as well. We both like to see the world and hockey gives us that opportunity. We love the country and I love playing hockey, and I’m not ready to be done yet.”

Does Jim see himself sticking around in Coventry for an even longer term? He explained “I’m signed for two more years, so we’ll have a look at the end of that and see where we’re at. We need to see if we are both still enjoying living and working here. I can’t say for certain, but I would like to probably end my career here.”

As we know, players from the USA and Canada enjoy using their time in the UK to travel through Europe, and Jim and his wife are no exception.  “At the end of last season we went to Italy and the Amalfi Coast which we really enjoyed, and we are looking to go to Croatia at the end of this season. We’ve been able to travel to Hungary, Greece and all sorts of places. We love how easy it is to travel Europe because it’s so much easier when you’re based here, and so much shorter travelling times.

And what does his wife Alekz think about living in Coventry? Jim explained “Being here fits well with married life. it’s tough, since we miss our family, but we’ve been able to bring our dog this season, so our own little family is here. It’s a big city, Coventry, but it’s got a small feeling and we like that. Like she says, as long we are together it doesn’t matter where we are. She’s been happy to follow me while I play hockey because she is a photographer so she can do her job while we are travelling. I wouldn’t make her follow me if she didn’t have a career that could move with her. She does weddings, senior high school photos, family shoots. She uses all natural light, and takes photos outside where she can, just using the sun. She had a couple of shoots in the spring before we left and she’ll pick up work again soon.” (

Of course, with no studying or other job to do, there’s a lot of time that needs to be filled away from the rink. “I’m excited to be helping out with the learn to play programme a couple of times a week this season, where the kids come from school as I enjoying working with children. Sometimes it’s tough, but I like teaching the kids how to play hockey and to get them playing. I like to see them making progress. There’s still a lot of free time. I’ve watched every show on Netflix,” he laughed. “I like to take the dog for a walk and play with him. We go on day trips to Stratford and Warwick, and try to keep ourselves busy. There are times when you are bored, but it’s worth it to play hockey and it’s a good problem to have.”

And finally, does Jim see himself settling in Coventry once his playing days are over? “No. My family back home have a beer and wine distributing company, so I’ll probably get into that. My grandpa will never retire, but my Uncles and my dad are looking to retire in the next five or ten years, so it’s time for the next generation to take over. There’s no expectation that I will do it, but they would prefer it was family who took over. I’m also a trained strength coach, so I’d like to work developing kids for college and junior hockey off the ice as well as on the ice. I’ve been offered a straight job doing that at Lake Superior State University a few times, but it doesn’t pay much so I’d have to do other work as well, but it would be good to do something to do with my degree!”


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