#nurture1415 final check!

It’s the end of the year, so I thought it about time I updated this…

Five things I would like to do in the coming year
1) Find a job that makes me happy – and makes me feel like I belong.

I really enjoyed my time back where I belong, and hope that the two term contract at the next place might become permanent.

2) Get to the final few ice rinks at both Elite and EPL level. 

Bracknell coming soon, so that’s all the EPL rinks visited. A flying trip to Dundee last week, so just Fife to go at Elite. Oh, and I added the rink in Tychy (Poland) to the list at half term as well

3)I am looking forward to the SEN #teachmeet in Oxford in February. Hopefully I’ll feel I have something useful to contribute.

Here are the general notes. And here is my presentation

4) Travel. This feels like a bit of a cop out as it’s always there, but I aim to go further afield this year, to get some more countries coloured in on my map.

India was lovely, as was Poland. Despite it being October, we were walking around with no coats on. I also joined the National Trust this summer, so I have been exploring different places, which is always fun. Also got a trip to Bristol for the balloon fiesta, and a bit of sheep hunting.

5) And finally, I think, at the moment, to keep active. Be that swimming, ice hockey, walking, baking, sewing or reading – I will not let work consume my every waking hour. Just because I don’t have that someone special to share my life with, does not mean I don’t deserve a proper life-work balance.

I’m doing this well. Lots going on to keep me busy. Still noone really to share my life with, but I’ll find him somewhere. I hope.


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