In honour of Bonfire Night, this week we made sparklers in class. They are really easy to make, and if you have students who insist on eating everything there’s a safe version that you can make too.

  1. Take a wooden spill 
  2. put glue on the top three or so centimetres
  3. sprinkle with iron filings (for sparks) OR copper sulfate (for a greeny/blue flame – CARE This is toxic) OR table salt (for an orange flame).
  4. Let it dry
  5. Set fire to them. Wear safety googles and have a bucket of water on standby to drop spills into when they have burnt. We didn’t have access to our science room this year, so I used a camping stove to provide the heat – have found that tealights sometimes aren’t strong enough in the past.

All of my students enjoyed this one, even though some of them were not brave enough to get close enough to light theirs. Working between p4 and p7 in Science and engaged in their own ways. Even the staff learned something!


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