#100WCGU #173 – Memories

The prompt this week was ‘…as the flames leapt skyward’


Lost in thought, she stood watching the bonfire. Soon, it would be ready to toast marshmallows, but for now it was serving it’s other purpose, as well as keeping the guests warm. Watching as the flames leapt skyward, she caught a glimpse of ashes rising with the heat. There went all the letters and photographs from him, all the good times that she no longer cared to remember. It felt good, knowing that she wouldn’t succumb to the desire to revisit the memories and make herself miserable again. A clean break was what she needed.

Shivering, she turned back to her guests.



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2 responses to “#100WCGU #173 – Memories

  1. I love this! It felt warm reading it & happy in some way. Certainly a complete piece. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. GG

    I’ve had this kind of bonfire. It’s cathartic. Good story!

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