#100WCGU #171 – line change

This week the prompt for the 100 Word Challenge was ‘I can’t decide when to change’


I feel like I’ve been out on the ice for ages. The coach was quite clear ‘Two minute shifts, then change up.’ I’m skating hard, my lungs are burning, and although I haven’t touched the puck I’ve done a good job of making sure my man hasn’t touched it either.

I risk a glance at the clock, have I done enough yet? I can’t decide when to change. I can feel I’m almost spent. I look for a gap as the puck shoots up the ice, and jump over the boards, gratetfully slumping onto the bench. Four minutes and I’ll have to do it all again.


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One response to “#100WCGU #171 – line change

  1. I’m exhausted reading this! You obviously know about ice hockey. Great capture of the scene. Now, go & have a rest!

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