#100WCGU #168 – magic

The prompt this week was a photo. I could write so much more!


It must be magic, there could be no other explanation, thought the young girl as she rounded the corner. There, in front of her, was the witches house, hidden from view as usual by the overgrown bushes in the front garden. Mum had said not to be silly, it was just an old lady who couldn’t manage so well any more, but there it was, the proof she’d been looking for. Pink smoke was coming from the chimney, and that didn’t happen to normal peoples’ houses. No, she decided, it must be magic.

But what, she wondered, was the spell?



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3 responses to “#100WCGU #168 – magic

  1. Love this! My son had a paper round as a lad & he wouldn’t go into this house as it had bushes & it scared him. Maybe it was a witch after all!

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  2. Love this, witches was my first thought too but I couldn’t think how to work it – but you did! 🙂


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