The human body

This term we have focussed on the human body, with an aim to beginning to produce coursework for the new OCR National ‘Science in the Workplace’ that I have been told to deliver, due to it being mostly coursework and, therefore, in theory, easier for our students to access. In practice, they are still struggling, so I’ve advised we stick with Entry Level! Anyway, content. Skeleton Joints and Muscles Circulatory System Respiratory System. I used a lot of the SIEMENS resources (Human Body) which, although they are aimed at KS2, are at the right level for my class. We particularly enjoyed the interactive body and the ‘make a model arm’ activity to see that muscles work in pairs and how that makes an arm move. There’s also been lots of work with Fred (our resident skeleton) and George (our model torso) We watched this video about the circulatory system – the underlying music is irritating, but the students were able to access the content. We used peak flow meters and measured lung capacity. Although students were aware we have a mouth and lungs, we had to spend quite a lot of time wondering how the two were connected. We drew a giant human body with all of our learning on.

image image

And to finish, we’ll have a look at a heart and lungs from the butcher, so we know what they really look like!

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