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#100WCGU #155 – loss

This week, the prompt for the 100 word challenge was ‘…as time passes…’


I sit and wait in our favourite spot, hoping that you’ll walk by. Sometimes, I think I catch you out of the corner of my eye, then the movement continues and I realise it isn’t you.
As time passes I realise I’m crazy, you aren’t coming back, and you didn’t take me with you.
The sun goes down, it gets chilly. I turn, one last time, looking for you. It’s futile.
I stand to leave, and catch sight of your smile. It’s just the photograph on your memorial stone. It’s you, but it’s not you.
I’ll be back tomorrow.



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#100wcgu #154 – noises

The prompt this week was ‘…please let me sleep…’


‘Oh no’, she thought, as she rolled over and pulled the duvet over her head. The dogs were barking to be let out and the children were tearing up and down the stairs with the elegance of elephants. She tried to muffle the sound, but it was no good.
‘Please let me sleep, is that too much to ask?’ she said out loud to no one in particular. It didn’t help that the neighbours on the other side had had one of their regular 3am parties. The next thing she heard was the dad next door shouting at the kids that they were going to be late.
Silence returned. What bliss.

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