#100wcgu #153 – disappointment

The prompt this week was ‘but my poor old feet’


I tried, I really did, to keep up with the others. They were fitter, younger, faster. And seemingly better equipped for the journey. I plodded on but my poor old feet were squashed into old boots that were falling apart and had developed a leak just to add to my misery. Each time I looked up I seemed to have fallen even further behind. I rummaged in my pockets for a sweet to keep me going, but found only empty wrappers. On reaching the summit, clouds came in and we could see nothing.



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4 responses to “#100wcgu #153 – disappointment

  1. Perseverance pays off, but the the payoff was clouded. Love it. ❤


  2. Oh crumbs! Your poor old feet indeed! At least you entered & got there. A great post to show determination & resilience. I see a similarity with school maybe 😉


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