Building up from the bottom

Beyond the neutral zone trap

Coventry Blaze director James Pease has shared with me some of the thinking about the Blaze rebuild, both in the season just gone and through the summer and beyond.

I thought rather than just offering my own ill-thought opinions on all things Blaze it would be good to carry the occasional interview, and where better to start than with the chap who suddenly seems to be at the centre of the action. James Pease is a Blaze lifer, coming through the Solihull system into the Blaze seniors, retiring young then coming out of retirement for the annual player crisis, dipping into the EPL with Milton Keynes and Telford but taking on a Blaze directorship and working with parts of the junior system. That is a topic in itself, but we can save that for another day, not least because by the time I’d done this bit I had to be…

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