#100WCGU #173 – circle

The prompt for this week was ‘and so it begins’. I’m not sure about my effort, thought I’d try something a bit different


A look
A smile
A shared moment of recognition
A touch

and so it begins

Time getting to know each other
A cat man; a dog woman
Smoker/non smoker; drinker/non drinker

Finding common ground
shared friends, shared ideals

Enjoying the company, spending time together
Date night becoming a thing of the past

And then, without noticing,
Trying to impress stops.
Bad habits set in, and it becomes routine
and no fun any more

and so it begins

learning to live alone again
to entertain oneself
finding new friendships, new activities to keep occupied
enjoying the solace



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5 responses to “#100WCGU #173 – circle

  1. I really enjoyed the poetry. I found myself understanding why after divorce I just don’t feel like I want to invest in another intimate relationship. Men just don’t understand why you just want to be friends, only friends. 🙂


  2. scrapydotwo

    Different but interesting.


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