#100WCGU #172 – storm

Finally, getting back in the swing of the 100 Word Challenge. This week the prompt was ‘when the daylight returned the king was dead’


It was a wild morning in the hills. The wind whipped around, a storm was clearly brewing. The sun tried valiantly to get through the cloud, to no avail. It got darker and darker, and a piercing scream was heard. After an hour the storm passed. When the daylight returned the king was dead, lying at the bottom of a steep gully on the hillside. He had been out for a walk when the storm arrived, trying to take the perfect photo of the sky. His camera lay beside him, and when the film was developed, a shadowy figure appeared on the final shot.
Did he fall?


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6 responses to “#100WCGU #172 – storm

  1. scrapydotwo

    Good he had the camera with him. Who is the killer? Well done

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  2. This sounds like a good mystery. So many questions unanswered. 🙂

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  3. Good story… it could develop into a great who-done-it!


  4. Ahh great take on this prompt, enjoyed your tale…


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