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Clean air

This term’s topic is ‘clean air’ – Entry level Science

We talked a lot about the key words.
We weighed balloons full of air to see that they weigh a little bit but really not very much.
We swung our arms around to feel air resistance and prove there is something around us that we cannot see.
and we decided that the atmosphere is a circle of oxygen around the planet. Close, and we’ll make improvements next week!

Clean Air 1 powerpoint


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The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

Words are strange and wondrously tricky creatures (yes, I have been reading Lauren Child to my children).  They are what separates us from the animal kingdom, an integral part of our humanity. And yet, they are slippery so and sos.  No matter what you do, they are the very devil to pin down, almost as tricky as a moonbeam upon some sand.  And, despite their smallness, their essence forever trapped within an infinitesimally tiny moment, they hold immense power.

It’s one of those philosophical conundrums that I, in a desultorily bookish and unconnected with lived lives kind of way, like to discuss; where the meaning in words resides.  Do they have an intrinsic meaning of their own, something that they essentially are or essentially describe?  Do they hold their meaning in relation to the things that they are not, be they opposites or within interconnected webs?  Or does…

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Travel training. Encourage students to make independent journeys with friends, not just home/school

These go to eleven: sencos going one louder @AspieDeLaZouch
Idea of fixed attainment points, not realistic to expect straight line progress.
Very weak correlation across la.
Changes mean we’re all guessing. Meetings each month. Only way to check up on other agencies. No training for other agencies.
Specialist roles for ta. Identified for staff. All working for each other.

Girls with autism @honeybeevic
1 friendships.  Not knowing how to join in. Provide structured activities at free time
2 communicating.  Find different ways other then just talking. Teach eye contact
3 learning.  Need thinking time or different way of learning. Ditch gender based expectations
4 world interpretation.  Put in structure routine. Mean what you say
5 feeling misunderstood.  Help gain confidence and learn from the past

Successful learners and verbal praise Will Harvey
Measuring learning.  Five point scale. General knowledge, basic skills, wide friendships, eager to please, join in.  1-5 and map as a star shape. Subjective by teacher. Should show shape changes through the year once areas for development identified
Praise.  Don’t confuse with feedback. More specific the better. Praise the efforts and the person. Need to teach students how to accept praise

Idea. Pre and post check of vocabulary to show learning

What I’ve learned being a director of inclusion @ASTsupportAAli
Extend ownership of send provision. Include all governors
Upskill teachers in a drip feed way. Sessions run by external agencies and drop in. Let staff choose what they want to do for cpd.
Raise profile. Tell people what you do. Specific job roles that everyone knows. Map of who’s who in school. Don’t be a solo expert
Don’t add something new without removing something else
Be aware before you share. Be up to date before you share with staff

To check out: pops reading scheme

Written work when using ipads tom p
Explain everything
Book creator
Some students make progress in with using ipads. Level criteria imbalance level 1 and 2 between skills and ideas for English. Using ebook to help unlock elements of skill

Mad pad @SimonKnight100
Making abstract more concrete
£2.50 to buy
Record and film, can use to combine word sounds and show progress saying words. Can also play home made games. Child centred resource.
Assessing social skills of children with pmld Ben Simmons
Deepen understanding by observing in non traditional contexts using non traditional concepts
pmld students need interactions with ‘normal’ students to show and develop intentional communication. Pmld can express themselves as more able in mainstream, to develop social skills

Is inclusion working? @nancygedge
Isolating being a parent of sen child
Step outside education bubble to put things into context
Special schools do not lock children away. They are open and honest and not frightening.
Inclusion is more than school. Children need to be in the right setting for their needs. Some parents are frightened of special children, need to help fix this?
Teachers need more training in sen. Access to Resources important. Info on students needs to be passed through school. Some children can be unpredictable with how their sen affects them. Home and school relationship needs to be strong and with Trust. What is point of education for children with sen? It’s not to get gcses! Positive difference with move to special school.
Children with sen are still a whole person. Encourage  independence!


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