Structure of the Earth

This half term we are mostly focussing on OCR Science Plus C8 – Restless Earth

To that end, we have so far done the following:

Modelled the layers of the Earth with four concentric paper circles. It was quite a challenge to stick one on top of the other centrally! We named the layers and learnt about their composition.

Modelled earthquakes causing tsunamis – using a tray of water to see the waves – tap gently to get small waves. Pick up one end of tray to show water ‘rushing out to sea’ and then drop to show a bigger wave coming back in. Don’t drop too hard or you’ll flood the lab (thanks J).

Used YouTube to see videos of earthquakes and their effects; tsunamis and their effects

We have talked about the plates of the Earth rubbing together to cause these earthquakes, and are aware earthquakes happen at the edges. (Still some work to do here!)

Most importantly, we are practising the new words that we are learning, so that we can use them appropriately.
Crust, Mantle, Core, Earthquake, Tsunami (salami? slimy?!), plates. Except the last, all of these are new words in the vocabulary of my students, and in order to ensure they have understood them, they need to learn to firstly say them and secondly use them appropriately. They are encouraged to repeat it (as I’ve mentioned before it can sound a bit like a gospel service in my lab at times) and then to use it when they give an answer. Hard work, long term, but we’ll get there.


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