#100WCGU week #163 – Freedom

The prompt for this week’s 100 Word Challenge was ‘Freedom’


Freedom to come and go as I please
To not have to tell you where I’m going
Who I’m going with
Or when I’ll be back

Freedom to eat what I want
When I want
Without being told I’m unhealthy
And to leave the washing up until the morning

Freedom to put my belongings where I want
To hang my clothes on the floor
And put nothing away until I’m ready

Freedom to spend my money how I want
On going out, having fun

On bills, and rent and food
On things I never thought I’d have to pay for



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4 responses to “#100WCGU week #163 – Freedom

  1. Sounds much like how I felt after my divorce! That last line especially rings true, but is balanced out by all the rest.

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  2. A lighter take on the challenge makes for a nice change. ❤


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