Starting on Green

We would all do well to remember this


When my older son was in kindergarten (many years ago), his teacher, Mrs. Blaker, had a policy of starting the day on ‘green’. Every child who walked through the door received a green card. The first time a child did something to break a classroom rule (being disruptive, for instance), they received a yellow card. The second time they broke a rule, they received another yellow card. The third time, they received an orange card. The fourth time they received a red card.

A green card meant that the child was behaving well.

Yellow cards were simply reminders to please get back on track.

Orange card meant a talk with the teacher, which included a firm reminder.

Red card meant a talk with the principal.

The thing is, most kids never got an orange. The yellows were enough to get them back to behaving respectfully. Occasionally, if a child was…

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