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#100WCGU #156 – knitting

The prompt this week was another photo

Up, under, round and twist.
Up, under, round and twist.

She sat, repeating the mantra, tongue out in concentration, trying to get the hang of knitting. Everyone said it was easy, but she was finding it a massive challenge. Manipulating two needles and the wool, without letting the ball escape from her lap and roll under the chair, was just too hard and the stitches were not exactly the neatest. It looked like a saggy dishcloth.

No, she must be positive. She looked for inspiration, glancing out the window. There on the fence was a spiders web. Yes, that’s better.


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#100WCGU #155 – making

The prompt this week was ‘…read the instructions…’


I’ve read the instructions – well, as much as I can because there are no words on them. It’s just pictures, to allow for this multicultural society in which we live, I guess.
I’ve matched the parts I had with the pictures on the paperwork, and tried to work out what they all were and where they should all go.
Despite that, it hasn’t worked. I’ve got a very wonky chest of drawers, with a drawer that doesn’t open and a couple of spare bits left over.
When did making up your own furniture become so complicated? I think I’ll buy it ready made next time!

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#100WCGU #154 – remember when?

The prompt this week was ‘remember’


Remember when we were young and life was simple? When we had no worries other than someone finding out you’d crept into next doors’ garden to get the ball back?
And then we grew, got old. Had to learn to trust people on a different level. Was this job the right one for me? How about a house – shall I rent or buy? When did it all get so complicated?
And love. Our parents made it look easy – find someone, keep them for ever. How do you know who the right person is? Maybe they already passed through our life, and we missed them.

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#100WCGU #153 – street art

The prompt this week was a photograph:

He stood, head bowed, waiting for his cue. It was a chilly day despite the sunshine and he could feel his feet getting cold. Trying not to move a muscle, he wiggled his toes in his shoes, hidden deep beneath his cowl.
A child approached, and put some money in the box placed in front of him. To show his appreciation he bowed elaborately, making the most of the opportunity to have a stretch.
He returned slowly to his original position, head down, waiting for another tourist to drop some money to the human statue, willing the wait to be short.

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Starting on Green

We would all do well to remember this


When my older son was in kindergarten (many years ago), his teacher, Mrs. Blaker, had a policy of starting the day on ‘green’. Every child who walked through the door received a green card. The first time a child did something to break a classroom rule (being disruptive, for instance), they received a yellow card. The second time they broke a rule, they received another yellow card. The third time, they received an orange card. The fourth time they received a red card.

A green card meant that the child was behaving well.

Yellow cards were simply reminders to please get back on track.

Orange card meant a talk with the teacher, which included a firm reminder.

Red card meant a talk with the principal.

The thing is, most kids never got an orange. The yellows were enough to get them back to behaving respectfully. Occasionally, if a child was…

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