I used to think… by @ASTSupportaali


After running my first training session of the year for the NQTs in my school today, I shared with them things that I do not remember hearing during my first training session as an NQT. (8 years ago…)

After the session I walked over to the classroom of a fellow AST and said…

Well that was strange. I just shared things that I never thought I would be.

So, in this short post I would like to share thoughts I genuinely and honestly used to think and practice.

I now know different. (Mostly thanks to Twitter.)

I used to think…

  • Differentiation meant a separate worksheet for all my students
  • Writing a lengthy lesson plan will impress my observer
  • ALL lessons had to be fun
  • Being liked was more important than following through with a sanction at times
  • If people didn’t work as hard as me they didn’t care
  • Lessons had…

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