#100WCGU #146 – waiting

The prompt for 100 word challenge was ‘…with your going comes the past’


With your going come the past misdemeanors to light
We stand around in small groups
-remember when..?
the broken window playing cricket in the kitchen
the roller skating over the lock gates on the canal
the missing clothes from your mothers’ wardrobe.

The chance to catch up with those who we have, at one time, shared a life with
until we realise
next time we might not be there.
It might be our eulogy that is given in a cold church,
with little known hymns
and nobody singing anyway.

Keep in touch, see you soon
knowing that life takes over and we never will



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2 responses to “#100WCGU #146 – waiting

  1. Whimsical Writer

    Well done – I think you have captured this so realistically in your text. The wake and the conversations. Makes you think and reflect doesn’t it?


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