#100WCGU #145 – pTerry

This week the 100 Word Challenge was to write about a favourite book


I can’t choose one favourite book. I can choose an author – Terry Pratchett.

His fantasy Discworld is a perfect place to go to escape from the expectations of real life. His characters are not all human, but have human characteristics. The humour is subtle, and the jokes and references are not spoiled by a second or even third reading.

Death is my favourite character, with his corn field, his helper Death of Rats, his family and his way of talking LIKE THIS. He has everyone’s hour glass of life to look after and a servant called Albert. For a character who could be so gloomy, he’s very friendly


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4 responses to “#100WCGU #145 – pTerry

  1. I hope I am not reposting…but I haven’t heard about Terry Pratchett and, via your synopsis, will def check out his writings. Thank you! 🙂


  2. I think I’ll have to look into these books. The idea of Death having a corn field is really cool in that kind of offbeat way that appeals to me.


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