#100WCGU #142 – breakfast

This week the prompt for 100 word challenge was ‘do you have to make that noise’


‘Oh no, not again’ she groaned, as she pulled the duvet back over head, refusing to acknowledge being awake. But it was no good, the din coming from downstairs continued. She found her slippers and dressing gown and went to investigate, not quite knowing what she’d find.

‘Do you have to make that noise?’ she demanded as she walked in to the kitchen? There, her family were creating breakfast for her, presumably meant as a surprise to eat in bed, with even the littlest helping out. She looked at them all and felt guilty for being such a grump in the mornings.


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One response to “#100WCGU #142 – breakfast

  1. *giggle*
    Nobody wants to wake up to noise, do they? You tell it like it is. 🙂


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