#100WCGU #141 – in the garden

This week the prompt for 100 Word challenge was ‘…but there are so many seeds…’


“But there are so many seeds!” she exclaimed as she flipped through the catalogue. “Who’s idea was this again?”

They had taken advantage of the bank holiday weekend to redesign the garden. The undergrowth had been cleared, and everything stripped back to bare earth. Now came the matter of deciding what to plant, and where. Was it to be a vegetable garden or a wildflower garden, since it was difficult to imagine both fitting in the small space. Or just grass to rest on in the long cool evenings?

They settled on a range of vegetables – beans, peas, carrots and lettuces – and set up the slug defences.



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3 responses to “#100WCGU #141 – in the garden

  1. This makes me smile. I especially like, the last half-sentence. Great observation, “…– and set up the slug defences.” Wonderful detail. 🙂


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