100WCGU #137 – Bus

This week’s challenge was ‘…but 90 minutes…’


Damn. That was the bus pulling away just as I got to the stop. I’d failed, once again, to leave work on time – there’s always that ‘can you just’ as you put on your coat and grab your bag. I checked the timetable, expecting there would be another one along soon but – 90 minutes! That’s how long the piece of paper I was looking at claimed I had to wait. There must have been a blip on the timetabling computer.

Oh well, for that much of a wait it was probably quicker to walk home, despite the dark clouds that were closing in above me.


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One response to “100WCGU #137 – Bus

  1. I would never have thought of work and a bus schedule. This reads fluently and is soooooooooo believable. 😀


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