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#100WCGU #138 – Writing

You can find this weeks’ 100 word challenge here. ‘…but what is the prompt?’


It’s that time of the week again. The one where I put aside my school work and worries and turn on the laptop, finding Word which also counts how much I’ve written. I’m comfortable and on the right page but what is the prompt? I just can’t find it, despite searching through my ‘blogs you follow’ page. Then, thankfully, there appears another post. Someone else who writes a hundred words each week too, and there’s the prompt, right at the top. Time to put my thinking cap on, ponder the combination of words this week and try to come up with something that is just right.


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100WCGU #137 – Bus

This week’s challenge was ‘…but 90 minutes…’


Damn. That was the bus pulling away just as I got to the stop. I’d failed, once again, to leave work on time – there’s always that ‘can you just’ as you put on your coat and grab your bag. I checked the timetable, expecting there would be another one along soon but – 90 minutes! That’s how long the piece of paper I was looking at claimed I had to wait. There must have been a blip on the timetabling computer.

Oh well, for that much of a wait it was probably quicker to walk home, despite the dark clouds that were closing in above me.

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The spikes.

I'm sorry that I'm like this

Twitter is enraged today because it has stumbled across a picture of some spikes in a doorway where previously people had been known to rough sleep. I agree, this is not a nice thing but I feel we are missing the point.

Firstly, these spikes and many other such deterrents have been used across London for years. I know this because I worked for a homeless outreach team and battled to engage rough sleepers who were so entrenched that they refused to accept help. This is what being homeless does to people, it destroys a person’s sense of worth to the point that either they don’t feel they deserve help or they cannot trust the people trying to give it because they no longer trust anyone. I met with business owners who wanted to know how they could get the person indoors and stop them from frightening or even sometimes harassing their customers. 

As horrific as it…

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Teaching With Evernote 2/2 The Software of Everything

re blogging cos I think this might be useful for SENteacher (@cherrylkd)

Teaching Science

If you already use Evernote and can already see how it might be useful in teaching, read on. If you’re less familiar, it means you didn’t read my previous post. Go now, I’ll wait.

Is everybody sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin

Evernote is a great way to organise resources and commentary on them. The note can include your thoughts about the lesson, while attached files contain a formal plan, printable resources, presentations, even audio files. What I find powerful is that everything for the lesson is in one place, and stays there. If – or more accurately, when – the specification changes again, you simply put a new contents page together, with links to your new running order of lessons.

Like so much in life, you get more out if you put more in. In the case of Evernote, this is literal; the more information you add to your…

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National Award for SEN Co-ordination

Help please!

As part of my course, I have to have a discussion on a pertinent question. I’d like more views than just those of my colleagues, can you please comment below? Thanks

“In light of the disability discrimination act, is it fair to be giving pupils(with mld, sld, asd) detentions and exclusions because of behaviours linked to their disability? Do they understand these consequences?”


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