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Preparing for new SEN Code of Practice

Webchat with Lorraine Petersen OBE @lorrainep1957

*** most recent version

– Local offer to be in place by Sept 14. Concerns that no accountability regarding local offer – who is checking that what people say is in place is actually happening?

– No new statement assessments from Sept 14

– Letter from Edward Timpson outlining changes (8 April) – need to find this

– new CoP also covers disabled children who do not have SEN

– more focus on high aspiration, parents and children being involved, services working together

– concerns regarding accountability of Health and Social Care

– concerns that students with statements might *not* get EHC plan – and more so that in the future similar students without a statement might not be ‘eligible’ for EHC plan

– Educational need is the prominent part of plan, H and C come in as/when needed

– CoP applies to ALL schools, including academies, free and independent-special schools

– SEND is WHOLE SCHOOL ISSUE – every teacher responsible and accountable for every child in class, where-ever and whoever child is working with. Teacher’s responsibility to meet needs of students

– SENCo – leading and managing, providing guidance to colleagues but not expected to be running small groups/intervention

– SENCo, HT and Governing body should establish a clear picture of the resources (funding) available to school. SENCo needs sufficient time and resources (admin support) to carry out functions

AttendeeViewerImage000 (from CoP)

– No national framework for Local offer or EHC plan

– Local authority where student lives provides local offer and EHC plan (this might be especially important for looked after)

– transition of plans between phases is going to be very important

-mainstream schools need to show where £6k has been spent additionally on students (school has to provide this , then further funding available) – SA, SA+ students. need to show this is not making a difference before applying for plan

– interventions need to be evidenced and researched – don’t do it because you always have. Targetted, specific time period, assessed and reviewed. Class teacher needs to know and understand the strategies that are being developed and show how they bring it back into classroom (implication for SaLT?!). How is time out managed, how do pupils catch up work they have missed, which lessons do pupils miss to do these interventions?

– SEN support to be finalised by Jan 15. What will that look like in your school? Graduated approach – Assess, Plan, Do, Review

– What does ‘quality first’ teaching look like? Differentiation? Personalisation?

-Really important to engage and involve parents

– School offer to be on website

AttendeeViewerImage001 AttendeeViewerImage002

-Implications for SENCo in terms of training staff – audit skills/professional development needs of workforce

-Need to inform parents of changes – how is best to do this? Outline of changes, move to EHC plan, time scale (have 4 years to do this in), Local offer, new SEND policy, roles and responsibilities in school, consultation with parents

-SEND policy to include changes to terminology, roles and responsibilities, identification and intervention, SEND info, equality info, how staff deal with medical conditions

-plans have expected outcomes for students, not hours of support available

– IEPs are not mentioned in CoP. Need robust target setting and reviews – link this in to plan. Check with LA what they will be looking for at Annual Review in terms of target setting. If IEPs work, use them, if not find something that does, linked to graduated approach. Guidance given in CoP

– Class teachers to be responsible for students on ‘SEN support’ – what is the nature of the need and the reason for SA/SA+ so far?

– behaviour is not in CoP, no longer category of SEN

-SENCo needs to be part of SLT

– link expectations in to Teacher Standards. Cannot ‘refuse’ to teach these students. Training essential

-‘Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions’

– going to be harder to get access arrangements for exams in the future. Students will also need to be on at least SEN support to qualify

-duties on governing body to take responsibility. need to read CoP (summary available







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100WCGU week #132 – pampered

This week the prompt for 100 word challenge was ’emerald’


It was the day she had been waiting for. It seemed like forever ago that the term had started, and now here they were at, ready to go home and collapse in a heap. However, first she had to get through today, and the class had been promised a pamper session from the health and beauty course down the corridor.

In trooped the girls, ready to do their stuff and looked around in confusion. There was only one female student, the rest were boys – ready to be entertained. As the first one pulled up a chair, he selected the emerald nail varnish and sat back with a smile.

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