100 wcgu #134 – worms

The prompt this Week was to write about a conversation between blackbirds in the garden

-did you find anything yet?
-no, not a thing. This long grass isn’t helping, is it?
-oh no. I can find bugs all I want, but since I’m up so damn early, I was looking forward to a worm or two
-I know that feeling. woken by the little ones in the next nest over were you?
-yes! And mine were all still asleep, so, you know…me time and all that….wait, what’s that noise?
-move it, it’s the cat from over the road creeping through the grass….phew, that was close!
-indeed. No worms for us today, then



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3 responses to “100 wcgu #134 – worms

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  3. The early cat catches the bird?


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