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#nurture1314 Update

So, it’s halfway through the year and time for an update on #Nurture1314

Here’s my original post, with updates alongside


1) start cross stitching again. It’s been a while… I  have completed two. Here and here. There is another, larger one waiting and ready to go.

2) Be the best I can in my new role, while trying to get the best out of my staff as well. I know that’s going to be tough, and I have a steep learning curve coming up…It’s been a bumpy ride, but I’m getting there. I have blogged extensively about my journey, you can look if you want

3) I want to write more….I am trying to take part in the 100Word Challenge for Grown Ups each week. I’m almost managing

4) I want to be able to continue baking…and I’m certainly doing that – although  not as much as last year, but I’m trying new recipes.

5) I need to get back into swimming each week and walking when I can. My two best forms of stress relief available at the moment….again, we’re doing this most weeks and up to swimming 60 lengths in an hour with a chat between each ten. It’s an improvement on the thirty we managed in the first hour!

6) looking back at last years wishes, I want to do more travelling in other countries by train. We managed bits of Denmark, but I’d been there before….and this summer I am off to Norway, flying out and then seeing some of the country by train before returning to the UK on the train, via Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Cologne, Brussels and London! I even get to sleep on the train.

7) I am going to go to the Isle of Wight. To walk the long distance footpath, and to go to the VW festival….and indeed I am, it’s all booked and paid for.

8) I will continue reading, it’s important to be able to escape from the real world now and again…perhaps next year I should keep a track of what I’ve read. So far it’s been a mix of new, recommendations from friends and old favourites.

9) I’d like to go to more concerts and gigs. I enjoy it, but not on a school night, and hockey gets in the way sometimes….I’ve been to the theatre (Black Coffee, Billy Elliott, Les Mis, Miss Saigon) and I’ve got some trips to the Proms planned, but I haven’t managed a gig.  I guess there’s always the Godiva Festival in July.

10) I will maintain my garden, that should be easy enough!…most recent photo here

11) for someone else – I hope man next door gets the house ready and moves in soon…it’s been nearly three years since he bought it!…and he finally moved in in March, complete with a three legged cat. He’s not been here much, I think his current job is ‘up north’ and Cat-next-door keeps trying to come in.

12) not to only wear jeans and hoodies when I am not working…now the Ice Hockey season has finished this is a bit easier, and I am trying to wear other things. It’s not always happening though.

13) to see more distant friends more regularly, and get past my dislike of driving long distances on my own. The train isn’t always practical….and I’m failing miserably

14) I need to make more of an effort to see nearby friends regularly too. Teaching gets in the way of that, and I think I’m going to need them in the coming 12 months!..again, I’m failing a bit here too I guess. Partly my reluctance to go out on a Friday night, it really is the last thing I need after a week at school.


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Cross Stitch #2 Day 10 – finished

and the back stitching didn’t take as long as I thought it would 🙂



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100 wcgu #134 – worms

The prompt this Week was to write about a conversation between blackbirds in the garden

-did you find anything yet?
-no, not a thing. This long grass isn’t helping, is it?
-oh no. I can find bugs all I want, but since I’m up so damn early, I was looking forward to a worm or two
-I know that feeling. woken by the little ones in the next nest over were you?
-yes! And mine were all still asleep, so, you know…me time and all that….wait, what’s that noise?
-move it, it’s the cat from over the road creeping through the grass….phew, that was close!
-indeed. No worms for us today, then


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Quiz night

Coventry Mencap and Wayfarers


This iiss ourr shop

Tonight we were supposed to be gardening, but it is raining so we are doing a quiz instead. Frances thought that you would like to see a picture of or tuck shop

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Learning Disability Week 2014

Coventry Mencap and Wayfarers

Some information from our friends at National Mencap

Learning Disability Week is from 16 June to 22 June 2014

This year is about ‘firsts’. Each day we will talk about a different first time experience.

Monday: your first day at school

Tuesday: your first love

Wednesday: your first job

Thursday: the first time you voted

Friday: your first home

Saturday: the first time you became a parent

Sunday: your first grey hair

Share your story. Tell us about your ‘firsts’ at

Hold an event. Try something new, host a coffee morning or deliver a voting workshop

Contact Hayley Stokes (regional engagement officer) on 07950 964999 or

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