Science week 2014

We weren’t going to do NSEW this year. I was new in post in january, and the science teacher had enough going on.

Then we went to the ASE conference, and came back with a leaflet about the worlds biggest science experiment at Alton Towers. We asked the head. He’s a scientist too, of course he said yes. That was 40 students taken care of, leaving 100 spread across the school. It was easier to collapse classes, and then came the decision it would just be easier to do a science day in school.

We have several looked after students, and the focus for the LA with LAC is STEM. we got a grant, which has funded the in school activities.

KS4 have spent the day being CSIs. They found the murder scene, took photos, collected evidence and drew or wrote what they saw. They took fingerprints, assessed witness statements and tested blood samples. Then they put everything together to discover who dunnit and suggest a motive. It was a fantastic day, although as #1 suspect I still have black fingers. It was the other science teacher who got done away with…I’m pleased to say it wasn’t me!

I’ve hardly seen KS3, my lot, as I was too busy teaching the CSI day. However, they have been bug hunting in Forest School, they have had a visit from the pet shop where they enjoyed interacting with a range of animals, and they all had a session in the Immersive Theatre full dome. They were understandably anxious about the inside out bouncy castle, but staff report how engaged they all were all day, and how much the students have got out of it.

It’s always nice when things go well, and worth the sleepless night!

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