The Power of Positive Reinforcement

From @chriswardle77. All my staff need to read this


I’m an AHT working in a challenging 11-16 comprehensive school, with challenging students who by enlarge come from challenging backgrounds.
Part of my job is to challenge their behaviour, to help them to see their role within a problem and lead them onto a path of reconciliation. The relationships requiring reconciliation are mostly student-student or student-teacher.
In this post, I’m going to focus on the problems between student and teacher and some ways in which to act before a reaction.
Minimising student-teacher problems
Student teacher relationships can breakdown for a myriad of reasons and often these reasons have nothing to do with the here and now. Often, a problem has manifested before the student has entered the class. Triggers will then occur that tip the student from rational to irrational e.g. lateness to class followed by teacher challenge can lead to an irrational response from the student. I must be clear…

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