100WCGU #125 – confusion

This week, the prompt for 100 Word Challenge was ‘…but that is not what I meant…’


-Oh my goodness, what have you done?

-What you wanted, love, no?

-How on earth is THAT what I wanted?

-It’s what you said. Take this bit out, put this bit in, paint it all silver and then move on to the garden

-But that is not what I meant! I wanted THIS bit silver, and the rest left bare, so I could see the wood. THIS bit should have been taken out, and where has THAT gone? Can I not trust you to do anything? Did you even read the instructions?

-Instructions? No love. I don’t need those. You told me, so I did it.




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2 responses to “100WCGU #125 – confusion

  1. Mrs W

    Love it! Very apt words…


  2. lisaslife1970

    Brilliant! 🙂


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