100WCGU #120 – abandoned

Prompt for 100 word challenge this week was a photo

They sat there in the window, mocking her. Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to buy PINK trainers? Were they meant to be an incentive to get exercising? She really couldn’t remember. Instead, they sat there in the window of the shed, collecting dust and spiders.

On reflection, she didn’t think that she would ever wear them again. The motivation was gone, it was cold now, and dark when she got home from work. She couldn’t even remember putting them in the shed, certainly not in such a prominent position.

Maybe next summer she’d throw them out.


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2 responses to “100WCGU #120 – abandoned

  1. Nicely done. And isn’t this just like life? A rather sad story, but also pretty realistic. Hope you get to write a sequel in which she gets new incentive, shakes off the dust, and puts them on for a workout.


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