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100 wcgu #123 shoes
this week, the prompt was ‘…but surely it is pointless…’

She stood, again, looking out of the window at those blasted shoes. Spring was coming, the days were clearly lighter and she thought she really must do that exercise. There was a 10km run coming up, she could aim for that. But she needed kit and was strapped for cash, and they were still useable. But surely it is pointless to buy any more, she thought.
She took a deep breath, found the key and went into the garden. She hated that shed, spiders lived there. At least, she thought, brushing off the cobwebs, there were none to be seen today.


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Friday Smile!

Love it

Julia's Place

Another share from my dear friend Rachel Orr!

We must get our hugs right!!


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2-19: A continuum of learning

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100WCGU #121 – Cleaning

This week, the prompt for 100 Word Challenge was ‘…on the cat walk…’

The first line comes from this song – I’m Too Sexy, by Right Said Fred


‘..On the catwalk, on the catwalk, yeah…I’m too sexy for my shirt…’

That old song blasted from the radio as the spring clean got underway. It always helped, to have something to dance to, to keep moving while I dusted, hoovered, moved furniture that hadn’t moved for a year and generally made more mess than there had been before I started. It was worth it though, by the end of the day the house shone. There was an enormous bag of clothes for the charity shop and I’d even found £20 in the pocket of an old pair of jeans!

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100WCGU #120 – abandoned

Prompt for 100 word challenge this week was a photo

They sat there in the window, mocking her. Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to buy PINK trainers? Were they meant to be an incentive to get exercising? She really couldn’t remember. Instead, they sat there in the window of the shed, collecting dust and spiders.

On reflection, she didn’t think that she would ever wear them again. The motivation was gone, it was cold now, and dark when she got home from work. She couldn’t even remember putting them in the shed, certainly not in such a prominent position.

Maybe next summer she’d throw them out.


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