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Enterprise. Get involved in enterprise award run by warwick uni. rotherham ready website – tracking progress in enterprise, 5 levels. Enterprise booklet, manchester. Contact J Assistant head

Collapse timetable x2 each year, enterprise week.

Students get wages – equal share of profits from enterprise

Ks4/5 asdan. Pp, ti, pda. personalized pathways, work experience each year. functional skills. Three broad pathways

Ks3 Themed curriculum, planned over three years, relevant bits of nc covered in that time. all groups to cover work, just at different levels.

Assessment B2 data, every half term, fed into caspa. School targets realistic but flexible. Also compared to caspa data, externally. Staff not data driven as part of performance management. Evernote used for recording as well. Useful for students who don’t write or engage well. Shared folders, staff upload photos and annotate with level.

Other High staffing levels and all staff well qualified, value all staff in terms of training and development No parents evening. Open door policy. Professionals pre meeting for annual reviews, these well attended. Appropriate tech for each child. Ipad, laptop, desktop, macbook…

Apply for external awards. Ofsted like these.

Objects of reference in each room, consistent across school. Pupil file includes management plan, passport, professionals reports, care plan…

Academic expectations of all students


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