100WCGU #118 – Assembly

The prompt for this week’s 100 Word Challenge was …it was just a sea of faces…


She took a deep breath and began to speak. It was just a sea of faces looking at her after all, really. She didn’t know, yet, who each of them were individually and so it was easy enough to be honest. About herself. Her likes and her dislikes. What she expected from them, her students. How they should be behaving around school, in lessons and towards each other. She directed her comments towards her staff as well, hoping that they would buy in to her ethos, to want to make the difference that she did.
All in all, for a first assembly, she though it went well.



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2 responses to “100WCGU #118 – Assembly

  1. And then the sh*t it the fan. Oooops, is it obvious I am a teacher?! 😉 Nice write.


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