100WCGU #117 How?

The prompt for this weeks100 word challenge for Grown Ups was ‘tea, coffee, hot chocolate or…’

‘Can I get you a drink?’ she asked as she led me to my chair. ‘We’ve got tea, coffee…’

‘Hot chocolate or water for me’, please, I replied.

‘Oh, it’s going to have to be water’, she said, somewhat apologetically.

‘That’s fine’, I answered, used to people not having the alternatives that I preferred to drink.

As I sat watching my surroundings, enjoying the sight of people working around me I wondered how I was supposed to drink the water on the shelf in front of me. Surely moving would make the man behind me go wrong, and I really didn’t want wonky hair.


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One response to “100WCGU #117 How?

  1. lisaslife1970

    Brilliant twist 🙂


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