Twitter Chats: How to survive and thrive in a Twitter Chat… hockey style eh?

Love it! and not just for the hockey references

: the readiness is all

*crucial update 1/11/14 see below and I also included a 1/12/14 update with how to get RID of SPAM!

So you’ve never done a Twitter chat eh? Twitter chats are pretty crazy. You want to know how crazy. Well here’s a visual example of what a #satchat looks like on my computer screen every Saturday morning.

Okay that’s crazy right? There’s no way you can watch it all at once. It’s impossible. But something incredible happened you just need some tips and techniques to get the most of your experience- cause believe you me a Twitter Chat is the hockey equivalent of double-overtime playoff hockey. Intense beyond belief, but in that one hour you will get more great ideas than in an entire day of professional development at your school.

WHY TRY A TWITTER CHAT? (If you need to know about the basics of Twitter click here)

Whenever someone tells…

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