Un-Masking Problems with Learning: Jacardi’s Tale and other Stories


“We did 18s at my old school.”  Jacardi

Jacardi joined us after transferring from another school.  He missed our baseline test, we didn’t receive any other data but we just hoped we’d get up to speed with his needs.  He was a bit of a mystery; articulate and outwardly confident but also something of a blagger; it was hard to trust what he said.  During his first term with us we came up against a raft of issues – mainly social issues and some in-class disruption but, oddly, teachers felt he was doing OK in terms of progress. Until the end of year exams.

Marking a Maths test, it was clear that Jacardi had cheated.  His score was extremely high and, on investigation, it seemed that he’d managed to copy answers from a top-end student sitting in front and across from him in the exam hall.  For one question on…

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