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Visit to school

Enterprise. Get involved in enterprise award run by warwick uni. rotherham ready website – tracking progress in enterprise, 5 levels. Enterprise booklet, manchester. Contact J Assistant head

Collapse timetable x2 each year, enterprise week.

Students get wages – equal share of profits from enterprise

Ks4/5 asdan. Pp, ti, pda. personalized pathways, work experience each year. functional skills. Three broad pathways

Ks3 Themed curriculum, planned over three years, relevant bits of nc covered in that time. all groups to cover work, just at different levels.

Assessment B2 data, every half term, fed into caspa. School targets realistic but flexible. Also compared to caspa data, externally. Staff not data driven as part of performance management. Evernote used for recording as well. Useful for students who don’t write or engage well. Shared folders, staff upload photos and annotate with level.

Other High staffing levels and all staff well qualified, value all staff in terms of training and development No parents evening. Open door policy. Professionals pre meeting for annual reviews, these well attended. Appropriate tech for each child. Ipad, laptop, desktop, macbook…

Apply for external awards. Ofsted like these.

Objects of reference in each room, consistent across school. Pupil file includes management plan, passport, professionals reports, care plan…

Academic expectations of all students


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100WCGU #118 – Assembly

The prompt for this week’s 100 Word Challenge was …it was just a sea of faces…


She took a deep breath and began to speak. It was just a sea of faces looking at her after all, really. She didn’t know, yet, who each of them were individually and so it was easy enough to be honest. About herself. Her likes and her dislikes. What she expected from them, her students. How they should be behaving around school, in lessons and towards each other. She directed her comments towards her staff as well, hoping that they would buy in to her ethos, to want to make the difference that she did.
All in all, for a first assembly, she though it went well.


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Slow Down. Wait. Watch.

fab blog 🙂

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

I thought I’d start by telling you about a wonderful person who entered my life when Sam was about four months old.  I didn’t invite her round.  I can’t even remember how exactly she came to be there.  Somehow she ended up on my sofa, drinking my tea, and Sam and I ended up on her caseload.  Now, today, she is my firm friend.  Then, she was our Portage Worker.

Back then, when everything around me seemed out of control, Portage, and the gift of that friendship, was one of the many things that helped me regain equilibrium, to be the mother that my boy needed me to be.  Back when he was four months old, there wasn’t much more to be doing for him other than the feeding, sleeping, changing thing, but that meeting gave me something all teachers love.  It gave me a list, somewhere to aim for…

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100WCGU #117 How?

The prompt for this weeks100 word challenge for Grown Ups was ‘tea, coffee, hot chocolate or…’

‘Can I get you a drink?’ she asked as she led me to my chair. ‘We’ve got tea, coffee…’

‘Hot chocolate or water for me’, please, I replied.

‘Oh, it’s going to have to be water’, she said, somewhat apologetically.

‘That’s fine’, I answered, used to people not having the alternatives that I preferred to drink.

As I sat watching my surroundings, enjoying the sight of people working around me I wondered how I was supposed to drink the water on the shelf in front of me. Surely moving would make the man behind me go wrong, and I really didn’t want wonky hair.

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CPD Record 2014 – a work in progress

(for my CSciTeach)

s2.1 Work based learning
Visit to High Furlong School, to discuss assessment, curriculum plan and enterprise

Child Protection Level 1 – March

CAF training – May
s2.2 Professional activity

January – I attended the ASE Conference in Birmingham for two days.

s2.3 Formal/educational
Senior leadership training, castle phonix alliance, 4 days

Real Training CCET Course, Solihull – April 23-25
s2.4 Self directed learning

s2.5 Other (e.g. voluntary work)

Ongoing – I am the treasurer of our local Gateway group. This is a social club for adults with learning disabilities and is linked to Mencap. It is a voluntary role, of course. I collect money off club members each week, pay the bills, make sure we don’t go overdrawn (oops) and organise extra trips out. Currently, this includes trips to see the Scout Gangshow and West Midlands Safari Park.

Ongoing – I write monthly articles for #onfire, the Coventry Blaze fan magazine. This involves interviewing ice hockey players and turning their responses into a coherent article.

Ongoing – I am currently Assistant Manager for NIHL Blaze, the second ice hockey team in Coventry.  This involves registering players, producing team sheets for the games, collecting money off of them at training and putting out press releases about games and results as well as other news


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