100 wcgu #115 walking

The first 100 word challenge for a while. The prompt was ‘…the path ahead…’ which made me think of a picture on my wall that I took when out walking one day.


She crossed the style and put down her rucksack. It was time for a break, and the style provided a handy seat, even if it was a bit muddy from all the boots that had used it recently. The path ahead could have been drawn with a ruler on the map, but as she looked across the field, it clearly wandered off course as it went up the hill, walkers earlier in the year perhaps avoiding muddy patches.
Still, she couldn’t be worrying about how straight the way was, it was that or nothing. And with the crop in full flower, there was no choice.



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3 responses to “100 wcgu #115 walking

  1. beautiful writing…your train of thought is perfect for this picture…so serene. 🙂


  2. I love the clarity of her path ahead. Great picture as well!


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