Leadership, we’re not all bad you know.


Lately on twitter I’ve seen a recurring theme in the blogs of educators. That theme is Leadership bashing. All school SLT are grouped together and thrown in to a communal sin bin. As a member of SLT I’ve kept quiet about this for a long time. At first I thought that some schools must have some dreadful leaders and I pitied the staff and children in those schools. Then I read some more on the same topic and I thought, my word, leadership in schools must be getting worse. A couple of months down the line I’ve realised that leadership bashing has actually become a new way of venting frustration, letting off steam and generally being trendy. It’s joined the weighty themes of Ofsted and lesson observations. Well I for one am a little disheartened by this. Please remember there are real people reading these posts and while some SLT…

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