Week 9 – Ofsted

It’s been an interesting week. I came back from holiday not quite 100% and have regretted not taking Monday off all week.
On Monday I was so tired that I couldn’t string a coherent sentence together. Not a good start. I had, at least, planned my lessons for a fairly gentle ease back in. One of the girls decided she wanted to take over my Science lesson, so I ended up teaching in the sensory room, glad that she had found the plastic beakers to throw around the lab and not the glass ones.
Tuesday was awful, I was in tears and sent home by break. By lunchtime I’d had a text ‘They are coming, they will be here tomorrow’. Now, as acting head of KS5, something we were expecting a major focus on since it was an area of concern at the previous inspection, I knew I had to be in school. Fortunately, I wasn’t teaching as I was no way well enough for that, but I was in and at my desk, trying hard to complete my paperwork. Due to the nature of our timetable, only the teachers on PPA cover in KS5 got observed in my base. The inspector focussing on KS5 was only in school on Wednesday, so I sat and I waited. The HT implied that there would be a conversation, so I stayed nearby and waited. Well, by the end of the day, nothing. Not a single conversation with either inspector.
Thursday morning I had Annual Reviews so I had to be in – and all my teachers got observed with pleasing results, but once 2pm came and I still hadn’t been spoken to by the inspector who was still on site (and having fallen asleep at my desk!) I came home. The outcome is as we expected it to be, and we are pleased with this.
Today, Friday, I have slept, cried, felt sick and finally got myself in gear to get out of bed.

I’m still confused though, as to how an area that was deemed to need improvement previously was not thought important(?) enough to have even had a brief conversation with the person in charge. I await the completed report though!

In other news, my new school was also ofsted-ed this week, again getting the result they expected. I’m looking forward to the challenge over there already, and knowing that we have an HMI at some point in February just makes my new job even more exciting. I’m looking forward to having the chance to actually make a difference, even if I’m not looking forward to not teaching until September.


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