100WCGU #111 – Beautiful

This week the challenge was ‘…the sun streamed through…’


It was so beautiful, she thought, as she made her way through the woodland, kicking at the piles of fallen leaves. The sun streamed through the gaps in the trees, making the spiders webs sparkle with the early dew and highlighting the brambles on the ground.

She found a space to sit in the clearing, a long fallen tree having been crafted into a bench by one of the forest wardens. And as she sat, lost in her thoughts and enjoying the peace, a deer wandered into the clearing. She jolted back to the now, causing the creature to turn and run for cover.



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2 responses to “100WCGU #111 – Beautiful

  1. What serenity you capture here: the literal wandering and that of the mind. Nice writing.


  2. Brilliant words, can really picture the scene 🙂


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